Parche para Quake 4


Update to improve game modes


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This is the first update done by the game´s creators to improve the problems found in Quake 4.

Before installing this package its necessary to uninstall any modification or plugin that doesn´t come from Activision as there may be incompatibilities or errors. It´s necessary to have installed the game previously so the patch has effect.

The patch provides a solution, amongst others, for the following problems:

Improvements in the organization of the game navigator, which now shows more than 1,000 servers.

The map files can be overwritten or deleted without having to restart the game.

Improvements in the multiplayer mode, allowing you to connect to other servers while the game navigator loads.

After exiting the game, the ?cow_allowconsole? remains active.


The patch application stops working on the demo version.
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